New European Commentary: A verse by verse Christadelphian commentary on the Bible, using the NEV

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Commentary on the Old Testament poetical books (Job-Song of Songs) as .cmtx module for e-sword here | for MySword Android [.cmt.mybible] here; as E-Sword for iPad [.cmti] here ;  for TheWord [.cmt.twm] here.

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Books Of The Old Testament

Genesis Brief Commentary | Exodus Brief Commentary | Leviticus Brief Commentary | Numbers Brief Commentary | Deuteronomy Brief Commentary | Joshua Brief Commentary | Judges Brief Commentary | Ruth Brief Commentary | 1 Samuel Brief Commentary | 2 Samuel Brief Commentary | 1 Kings Brief Commentary | 2 Kings Brief Commentary | 1 Chronicles Brief Commentary
|2 Chronicles Brief Commentary | Ezra Brief Commentary | Nehemiah Brief Commentary | Esther Brief Commentary | Job Brief Commentary | Psalms Brief Commentary | Proverbs Brief Commentary | Ecclesiastes Brief Commentary | Song of Solomon Brief Commentary | Isaiah Brief Commentary | Jeremiah Brief Commentary | Lamentations Brief Commentary
| Ezekiel Brief Commentary | Daniel Brief Commentary | Hosea Brief Commentary | Joel Brief Commentary | Amos Brief Commentary | Obadiah Brief Commentary | Jonah Brief Commentary | Micah Brief Commentary | Nahum Brief Commentary | Habakkuk Brief Commentary | Zephaniah Brief Commentary | Haggai Brief Commentary | Zechariah Brief Commentary | Malachi Brief Commentary


Books Of The New Testament

Matthew | Mark | Luke | John | Acts | Romans |1 Corinthians | 2 Corinthians | Galatians | Ephesians| Philippians | Colossians | 1 Thessalonians | 2 Thessalonians | 1 Timothy | 2 Timothy | Titus | Philemon | Hebrews | James | 1 Peter | 2 Peter | 1 John | 2 John | 3 John | Jude | Revelation

Welcome to the home page of the New European Version, a rendition of the Old and New Testaments in modern English.


The New European Version of the Bible is a remediation of the King James Version into modern English, correcting some glaring issues in translation here and there. The NEV Bible is published in hard copy with a brief commentary on a few verses from each chapter, printed at the bottom of each page. At the back of the volume, there is a reduced version of the book Bible Basics.

The online version has a dedicated page for each chapter of the Bible. On each page there is the Bible text, basic commentaries and links to other resources relevant to that chapter. There is also a "Deeper commentary" tab on each chapter. This gives some deeper insights on some Old Testament chapters; and in the New Testament, this tab connects to the New European Commentary. This is an in-depth, verse by verse commentary on the entire New Testament and parts of the old. You can download this commentary as stand alone modules as listed on the left hand bar of this page- either as one large file or as individual books, with a choice of PDF, epub and mobi formats [for Kindle]; it is also available as a module for e-sword, TheWord and MySword.

Carelinks Ministries pray earnestly that this Bible and the distribution of it will play a part in the spreading of the Gospel worldwide before Christ returns.

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