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Welcome to the home page of the New European Version, a rendition of the Old and New Testaments in modern English.

The New European Version (ISBN 978-1-906951-30-6; New Testament only ISBN 978-1-906951-05-4) isn’t a fresh translation; rather is it a remediation into modern English of the Old and New Testaments as found in the KJV and ASV. In some difficult and controversial areas, the original text has been retranslated in an attempt to provide dynamic equivalence in modern English.

Overall, the New European Version seeks to provide a text which is in outline terms familiar to those who have been used to the traditional Bible versions, and yet which is sensitive to the needs of those for whom English is a second language. Another intention of this version is to provide a modern English text which is available for use with far more liberal copyright and usage restrictions than those attached to many other modern English versions. Any wishing to reprint or quote at length from the New European Version are welcome to contact the publishers. The layout and text of the New European Version, the commentary and the reduced version of Bible Basics in the appendix are copyright Duncan Heaster; the illustrations in the hard copy published edition of the New Testament are copyright Ty Wilson [www.tywilson.com] and used in the New European Version by contracted permission of Ty Wilson. Audio files of the N.E.V. New Testament being dramatically read by Steve Gretton are obtainable free from our website n-e-v.info and they are also available on a free CD - contact info [at] carelinks.net for a copy.

Free copies of the complete edition will soon be available from the Publishers, Carelinks Publishing, and will be mailed worldwide on request whilst funding lasts; the New Testament is already available and over 10,000 copies have been distributed. Donations to enable this can be made to “Carelinks” and sent to the publishers, or see here for more information.

Carelinks Ministries pray earnestly that this volume and the distribution of it will play a part in the spreading of the Gospel worldwide before Christ returns.

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